Sollie on piano and Dev on Guitar
"Longfall makes fragile, grandiose, soundscape rock, with a sweeping epic feel enabled and undercut by how often they interrupt or redirect their seeping electronic groove."

Lucas Fagen, City Pages


Longfall is a cinematic alt-rock band from Minneapolis/St Paul.

With an emphasis on storytelling they lean into well-crafted lyrics and wide ranging sonic pallet to guide listeners through an emotional musical experience. A single musical number may diverge from a waltz to ambient interlude to hip hop infused bridge and supported by R&B melodies. Longfall's genre bending is all in support of thematic detours within the musical journey.

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The cinematic experience of 'What We Found' completes the 2-part concept 'What I Lost & What We Found'. When individuals focus on ‘I’ and looking only internally it leads down a path of desolation, depression and only festers anxiety. By focusing on 'We' enables us to find love and joy through connection. ‘What We Found’ is not without melancholy but the outlook is one of hope while grasping with self love, outward affection and mortality.

'What We Found' was released on January 2nd, 2020 alongside Coyote Kid and Inland Coastal in the 7th St Entry at the legendary First Avenue in Downtown Minneapolis. Listen below via Spotify:

Members: Jonathan Sollie (vox, keys) • Braydon Skoog (drums) • Dev Jana (guitar, vox) • Tony Kangas (bass)
Influences: Twenty One Pilots, Jon Bellion, The 1975, Coyote Kid, YUNGBLUD, Low, Field Music, Queen, Panic! At the Disco

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